How to fix love problems?



A lot of ladies say that they can’t orgasm when they masturbate. I wonder why that is, and I decided to ask a group of Windsor escorts if I could have their take on the story. Windsor escorts may not be sex experts but at the end of the day, they have a pretty good idea about these things. Male Windsor escorts often speak to a lot of lonely ladies, and even they said that they had heard of the problem. So, why can’t some men and women achieve orgasm when they masturbate? Windsor escorts, both male and female Windsor escorts, said that there are a multitude of reasons for feeling that way.


Do you feel guilty when you masturbate? A couple of the Windsor escorts from that I spoke to suggested that some people may feel guilty when they masturbate and this is why they can’t achieve orgasm. Some of the Windsor escorts suggested that parents may have made their kids feel guilty about masturbating and this has become part of their psyche. Many young people masturbate and it is important to appreciate what an orgasm feel like. However, like the Windsor escorts pointed out, parents or other adults may have made them feel guilty. A few of the Windsor escorts pointed out that school teachers during sex education classes may have explained masturbation badly as well, and made it seemed like a bad thing to do. I know that many of my friends who went to schools run by the Catholic Church, was made to feel that masturbation was a dirty and naughty thing to do. As a matter of fact, a lot of my Catholic girl friends had problems with achieving orgasm altogether. Sex seemed to have been portrayed as a duty, not a pleasure.

G- Spot

Perhaps finding the G-spot is the problem. Not all of us can find our G-spot, and this can certainly cause a problem. When I lived in Amsterdam a lady used to run classes in finding you’re won G-spot. Surprisingly, a lot of ladies were not so sure where theirs was and she said many ladies found it difficult to relax during masturbation. If you don’t relax, you can’t achieve orgasm and it is as simple as that. Sex toys can help a great deal to help you to achieve orgasm during masturbation. There is now a huge range of different sex toys on the market for the solo lover, and don’t worry. Apparently more than half of households in Great Britain use sex toys. Taking out an Anne Summer’s franchise might be a good business idea after all. Could it be that if we got more in touch with our own personal sexuality, and our fantasies, we would overall improve our sex lives? So many people complain about their sex lives, but they are not prepared to do anything about them. Experimenting with sex toys can be fun, and you can even buy them on the discount site Groupon. What does that tell you? They must be pretty mainstream…

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