He dumped me… I am going back to escorting



My boyfriend thought that he was doing me a favour when he got me away from Sandhurst escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/sandhurst-escorts. Now he has dumped me to go and work for some crazy volunteer project in Africa. I am sure that this is just his next “feel good about myself project” and “see who I have saved project”, but I am not standing still. I have decided that I am going back to the escort agency here in Sandhurst.


I am not sure how many girls go back to escorting after having stopped escorting but I am pretty sure there are a lot of girls that do. It can be really hard to find a job after you have worked as an escort. At first I thought it was going to be easy myself. Like I kept telling myself, I am pretty and good with people. It turns out that you need more or less a degree to work in Tesco these days. I don’t have any of that stuff. Besides, you really don’t earn a lot of money in Tesco.


The fact is that I know that I can earn some seriously money working for Sandhurst escorts. Unbeknown to my boyfriend, I have not blown all of the cash that I earned working for Totting escorts the last time. Also, what I did not tell him is that I kept my flat. He did not think that I owned my flat but I did. When I was living with him, I rented it out to a couple of girls from Sandhurst escort services. It may seem wrong but I was not sure that our relationship was going to last. But I am being nice, the girls do not have to move out. I am renting a small one bedroom flat instead.


If you like, I am going to allow the cycle to start all over again. The girls are going to stay in the apartment that I bought when I worked for Sandhurst escorts the last time. The plan is that I am going to save enough money and buy another place. In that case I will not have to worry about money in the future. It means that I will be able to live in one place and let the other one give me an income. I think that is a pretty smart thing to do, and if you like, I will be set up for life. Hopefully rental prices in London will stay high.


My former boyfriend seems to think that I am not very smart but I have got news for him. I am not silly just because I worked for an escort’s agency. Like I keep telling people, you should never underestimate a blonde. Most of the girls that I met when I worked for Sandhurst escorts were pretty savvy and had their own ideas on how to make a living in London. Some of them, or rather most of them, only used Sandhurst escort services as a stop gap. That is very much what I did and exactly what I am planning to do again. Nothing wrong with blue eyes and blonde hair.


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