Escorts Love Adult Movies

There are several London escorts who have got a bit more weight on them, and the truth is that gents enjoy dating them as much as they enjoy dating the skinny girls. What surprises me is that yo don’t get more curvy or fat people in adult movies or adult videos. I am sure that sure that a lot of the gents who use London escorts on a regular basis would appreciate seeing more curvy ladies in the movies as well as in the flesh so to speak. Are we hub up about bigger people? I think that we are and many London escorts agree with me.

Looking around, you will find that there are some very attractive curvy ladies out there, and we should celebrate them. The truth is that a lot of the gents that we meet here at London escorts are not exactly skinny. So, it makes you wonder why there are not more curvy London escorts? In recent months, we have seen a lot of changes in dating patterns here at London escorts, and gents are asking for curvier ladies. Our agency does not have a lot of curvy ladies, and I think that we should change our attitude.

I was having coffee with my boss at the best escorts website the other day, and I told him about the problem. He said that he is aware that it is an issue, but finding curvy London escorts is hard work he says. For some reason it seems that a lot of curvy ladies do not want to work as London escorts. I cannot really understand why, but it sounds very much like it is a niche with in the escorts service that needs a bit of attention. Last year we were short of Indian escorts, and this year we seem to be short of curvy escorts.

Could it be that we are being a bit off putting to curvy ladies? I think that a lot of London escorts are too skinny, and they like to show off how perfect they look in their publicity shoots. It could be that this is what is putting off the curvier lady, and preventing her applying to London escorts. I know when I applied to become a London escort, there was a thing about being skinny. But, that was a few years ago, and things have changed since then.

Some of my best friends are curvy and I think that they are very sensual ladies. So, if I think that they are sensual, I am sure that many of the gents that I meet at London escorts would thinks so as well. The girls that I know would not be interested in working for London escorts at the moment as they have good jobs. However, none of the girls said an outright know, and I think it is important that we acknowledge that. It takes all sorts, and I think that we should learn how to celebrate the body in its many forms and shapes.

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