Escort Industry in Ealing

The escort industry around the world, not only in London, does not have the best of names. In recent years, the press and media have become increasingly interested in the escort business right across the world. Some journalists have even claimed that girls are lured into the escort industry under false pretenses. Not so very long ago, A BBC program seemed to suggest that many girls thought they would become top models if they moved to London. It implied that many of the girls instead ended up as elite escorts working for escort agencies such as Ealing escorts from


It is true that many thousands of girls from places like Poland Russia come to the UK every year to try make it as models. Some of them come under their own accord, but other are recruited by modeling agencies. The criteria of these modeling agencies in places like Russia and Poland are very strict, and they will only pick the most beautiful girls. Despite being very beautiful, not all of these girls make it. When that happens, they are given the choice if they would like to stay in the UK or go back to their home country. Given a choice, many of them do stay in extended visas in the UK, and some girls do end up working for agencies such as Ealing escorts.


Would it be better for them to go back home? The BBC documentary seem to indicate that the main reason so many girls stay is simply because there is not enough work or prospects in their home countries. Sure, they may all still be dreaming of becoming models, but they also know that the chances of that may be slim. It is not normally until they come to places like London, they finally realise how stiff competition can be. Once, their modeling contracts are up, they don’t want to go back and take up job offers from escort agencies. Many of the girls who work for Ealing escorts are Russian girls.


There are, however, some companies which do lure young girls to London under false pretenses. The girls are promised the earth, and as many of them are very young, the end up believing what they are told. Girls who are lured to London by what is often referred to as people traffickers, often find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Unlike Ealing escorts, there is precious little support for them and sadly many of them have no help available at all.


The BBC documentary indicated that the set seems set to continue despite Brexit plans by the government. The British passport is one of the easiest to fake in the world, and as long as passport regulations are not tightened up, the problem does not sound like it is going to solve itself. More input is needed, and it is also important that escort agencies such as Ealing escorts are kept on the right side of the law. Why not make all escort agencies legal, and enjoy the tax benefits that would bring to the country?

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