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November 2020

My Sugar Daddy on a London escorts date

Unlike some of the other girls at London escorts, I did not meet my Sugar Daddy on a London escorts date like My friend runs a bar in a London golf club, and when I met my Sugar Daddy, I was helping her out. It was one of those hectic Sunday afternoons at the club, and the clubhouse was packed with single gents enjoying a pint or the Sunday carvery. He keeps on looking at me. When the crowds cleared, I found him sitting at the bar with a smile on his face. I realized that he had not taken his eyes off me all day.


With service coming to an end, I asked if I could treat him to a glass of brandy on the house. He smiled and said that he instead treat me. Looking at him, he seemed a little bit like one of the many single gents I often dating at London escorts, but his need came across a different. He invited me to sit next to him, and I was glad to take the weight off my feet as I was due for another shift in London about London escorts.


He told me that he lived close by in London and asked me if I worked at the club now. I made up some story about working in a late night club in London as I was sure that if I told him about London escorts, he would flee instantly in his expensive sports car, taking his collection of costly golf clubs with him. I don’t know what it was about him, but suddenly he seemed a million miles away from the sort of guy I usually hooked up with at London escorts. There was nothing fake about this man.


A couple of weeks later, after we had been out to some of London’s top restaurants, I realized that I was in love with him. He had this habit of treating me like his little Sugar Babe, but at the same time, I felt more valued than I had ever done at London escorts. When we kissed, there was so much more than animal attraction, and I fell in love with him. The girls at London escorts thought it was all about those lovely presents that he handed to me left, right and center, but that was not it at all.


We have been together for six months now, and I have even let him persuade me to play golf. More than anything, I do that to keep him happy, but just being with him is an integral part of my life. But I am still not sure how he feels about me. It could be that my work at London escorts has made me a little bit insecure, but I hope he at least likes me. This afternoon, once I put my PING golf clubs in our new car, his words not mine, I will have to tell him I pregnant. I wonder if that will wipe that smile from his face, but I have a funny feeling that it won’t.…

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