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July 2017

Top Vatican official faces Australian court on sex charges – ABC News
Top Vatican official faces Australian court on sex charges
ABC News
The most senior Vatican official ever charged in the Catholic Church sex abuse crisis made his first court appearance in Australia on Wednesday in a scandal that has stunned the Holy See and threatened to tarnish the pope's image as a crusader against …
Cardinal George Pell Appears in Australian Court for Sex Abuse

Cardinal Pell faces court on sexual abuse
Vatican treasurer makes brief Australian court appearance over historical sex chargesReuters
Financial Times –Wall Street Journal (subscription)
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J. Dennis Hastert, Ex-House Speaker Who Admitted Sex Abuse, Leaves Prison – New York Times

New York Times
J. Dennis Hastert, Ex-House Speaker Who Admitted Sex Abuse, Leaves Prison
New York Times
Mr. Hastert, who has served 13 months of his sentence, was also ordered to pay $250,000 in fines and to receive sex-offender treatment. Mr. Cross told CNN in an interview on Tuesday that he was “surprised” that Mr. Hastert had been moved to a halfway …
Hastert faces sex-offender treatment with prison releaseABC News

Dennis Hastert released from prison but still faces sex-offender treatmentChicago Tribune

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For the Love of Porn

I do have a thing about porn and I must admit that I truly love porn. Of course, the girls that I work with at London escorts, do not have a problem with the fact I love porn. But, I must admit that all of my girlfriends who do not work for charlotte escorts, seem to have a real problem with the fact I am into porn. It seems strange to me, but a lot of people are still very much hung up about porn and see it as something dirty. That is not the way I look at porn at all.

Some girls do dream about being porn stars, but it is not something I am interested in at all. I happy here working for London escorts, and it is not going to change. Porn is something I see as a form of entertainment. Some people are into watching war movies o science fiction, but I like to watch porn. To me, porn is a form of entertainment and it is really just as simple as that. I don’t think it is dirty or obscene like some people say.

Do I watch all sorts of porn? London escorts keep things clean as well, and that helps a lot. Yes, I don’t mind watching porn with my dates at London escorts. Some of the girls say no. I don’t think it is because they don’t like porn, I think it has more to do with the fact they get too excited by porn and can’t control themselves when they are together with their dates.

Is watching porn online okay? I do watch some porn online. The only problem with porn online is that many of the movies are very poorly produced and you don’t get the same entertainment value out of the porn you can watch online. Professionally produced porn movies are not that expensive to buy and I think most of the girls here at London escorts prefer them. I like the fact actors get paid for doing a job. At the end of the day, the world has to go around somehow and at the moment, we are doing it with money. It simply cannot be helped, but that is the way things are these days.

What is the future of porn? It is a bit like IPTV. In the future, I think that we will see a lot more paid channels out there. Some of the girls at London escorts have done some brief stints as porn stars, and they think porn must be paid for again. The US porn market is huge, but many studios have almost gone under because of free porn online. However, I think that the tide is slowly turning and I hope that one day, we will all be watching professional movies again. A lot of people are already beginning to do turn more professional chargeable services on the Internet, and you may find good porn will also become a professional on the Internet one day.…

Surrey escorts are making it right


Surrey escorts from are surprised that the government does not invest more in sex education. Great Britain today suffer from high rates of teenage pregnancy but still the government does not invest in sex education. As a matter of fact, Surrey escorts are thinking about starting a bit of a campaign, and perhaps even going into schools. The question is, a Surrey escorts are right, are teachers qualified to teach children about school. I sat in on a sex education class in my daughter’s school, and was a bit surprised at the approach. The teacher spent most of her time facing the white board, and did not make the class interactive. The children sat in stunned silence, and seemed to be feeling awkward. Thinking about it, I think that Surrey escorts have a very valid point, and we should invest more in sex education. I have now offered to teach sex education at my daughter’s school and it will be interesting to see how the kids react. I will bring in some of my friends who work as Surrey escorts to find out what they about my lesson plan.

Lesson Plan

I am planning to open the lesson by speaking directly to the kids. The first thing I will do is to ask what they know about sex. That should make them comfortable to speak to me straight away. Hopefully, some of them will have an idea about sex, and we can discuss the student’s idea and concept of sex. After that I intend to talk about why we are programmed to have sex, and why it is almost like a computer game with different rewards. I will explain the language of sex, and how hormones program us to do different things and why we need to experience them. After that I will take questions again, and let the kids ask anything they like. And I will do all of this facing the class, not speaking to the white board.


Yes, I will bring in different types of contraceptive and show them as well. I will fill up a condom with water to make sure they appreciate that they normally don’t leak, and after that I will talk about why condoms are so important and why we should use them. After that I will cover things like why we shouldn’t have sex at an early age, and ask them if they think they are ready to have sex. Why not? I can’t see the harm in that as I will take the opportunity to explain why they are not ready for sex yet. There are so many things that you can do during a sex education class, and if teachers are too embarrassed why not train them properly. Perhaps if we were a bit more direct and honest with the young people in society, we would gain their trust and they would be able to understand that they are getting guidance not just more school lessons. Guidance is sometimes more important than teaching.…

Call for a ban on child sex robots – BBC News

BBC News
Call for a ban on child sex robots
BBC News
There should be a ban on the import of sex robots designed to look like children, the author of a new report into the phenomenon has said. Prof Noel Sharkey said that society as a whole needed to consider the impact of all types of sex robots. His
Sex robots promise 'revolutionary' service but also risks, says study …The Guardian

Sex robots on way for elderly and lonely…but pleasure-bots have a …
Couples are turning to lifelike SEX ROBOTS to enjoy risk-free threesomesThe Sun
Reuters –Daily Mail –
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