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June 2017

How to Start the Day in the Right Way


You may wonder how the many girls who work as escorts in London start their day. The other evening I was chatting to one of my gents over dinner and he asked me how I start my day. He said that he has this idea that all girls who work for escort agencies such as London escorts start their day with coffee and a fag. I had to laugh and explain that I think that most girls at London escorts services of start their day differently from that.


To be honest, most of the girls that I know well enough at London escorts to chat to, start their day with a healthy breakfast. I like to get myself going with some good exercise first of all, but I never leave home on an empty stomach as I like to say. I have a couple of dates, and then I get myself going. When I leave my apartment, I always walk out with my bum bag and my bottle of water. Normally I also take with me a couple of dates as well. Then I go for an half an hours speed walk to keep fit.


After that, I make sure that I have a healthy breakfast. The first thing that I eat after having completed my walk is a bowl of fruit and then I have some porridge with a few pieces of dried fruit. Now I have all of the energy to get me going and I go off to have a shower in my own time. I hate rushing in the mornings, so I never do that at all. Instead, I just focus on chilling out and feeling good about myself.


My shower is what one of those power showers that sort of can pin you against the wall. Once I am in the shower, my healthy morning routine continues. I love to look after my body and that is something that the gents that I date at London escorts really appreciate. So, I always use a good quality body scrub, and then I put on my body lotions. Some girls use the same body lotion everywhere but I used different ones. I especially focus on using the right kind of lotion on my legs. After that I use other lotions on my arms and my bust as well. It is important to look after your bust.


Yes, my morning routine is a bit complicated but I know that I look good. How do I know that I look good? Well, I feel good about myself so I must look good. Most of the other girls at London escorts have similar routines. I think that if I did not work for the escort agency in London, I would still continue my healthy morning routine. It is important to look good for others, and it is important to look good for yourself at the same time. I like to look in the mirror and like what I see. When I don’t like what I see, I do something about right away. Looking good and feeling good gives you loads of self-confidence and that is what we all need.





Cosby rejects ‘sexual assault tour’ idea floated by reps – ABC News

Hollywood Reporter
Cosby rejects 'sexual assault tour' idea floated by reps
ABC News
Bill Cosby's "town hall" tour is unlikely to happen before his retrial on sex assault charges in Pennsylvania, one of his lawyers said Tuesday. Attorney Angela Agrusa said after a hearing to set a trial date in a sex abuse lawsuit in Los Angeles
Cosby Lawyer Says He's Unlikely to Speak Publicly Before Sex Assault RetrialHollywood Reporter

Bill Cosby shuts down reports he'll host sex assault education tourNew York Daily News
No verdict yet in Bill Cosby's trial, jurors to return on FridayCNN
AP News –CNN –Deadline
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Illinois Bishop Decrees No Communion, Funeral Rites For Same-Sex Spouses – NPR

Illinois Bishop Decrees No Communion, Funeral Rites For Same-Sex Spouses
A Catholic bishop has instructed priests in his central Illinois diocese to deny communion, last rites and funeral rites to people in same-sex marriages – unless they repent. In the decree he sent to priests, deacons, seminarians and staff in his
Illinois Catholic bishop decrees no Holy Communion, funerals for same-sex couplesWashington Post

Springfield bishop: No church funerals for same-sex couplesPeoria Journal Star
Bishop Paprocki's Policy on Same-Sex Marriage Is Mean-Spirited and Unchristian in the Extreme, say Activists …Dignity USA
DocumentCloud –Chicago Tribune –Millennial Journal
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The real thing in Bromley escorts

Speaking too many of the guys that I date at Bromley escorts, it is clear that they expect to have things done for them. To be honest, the vast majority of the guys that I date at Bromley escorts could do with a little bit every exercise, but I am not sure that they want to do make the effort. There are times when I think they think that they get all of the exercise they need with Bromley escorts. Of course, we all need a little bit more physical activity than that. If you want to keep fit for better sex, it is vital to get your circulation going. Guys don’t often associate health problems such as erectile dysfunction with high blood pressure and lack of exercise, but the truth is that both are influencing factors. I often mention it to my dates at Bromley escorts but most of them just seem to get embarrassed. It is kind of funny, guys are very happy to get close and personal with Bromley escorts, but many of them are still very reluctant to talk about health and health problems which affect men. I know that very few of the guys that I meet at Bromley escorts visit the doctor on regular basis.

It is one of the Best Exercise indeed

One of the best exercises that you can do to improve your circulatory health is walking. Why is that? Some people assume that jogging is the best kind of exercise, but that is not true. Walking with your arms swinging actually increases circulation more effectively than any other kind of exercise that you can do. Looking at some of the guys that I date at Bromley escorts, I know in my heart that they could do with a good walk a couple of times per day. To be fair, I think that many of the guys that I date at Bromley escorts think about me as a bit of a nagging housewife. I can’t help, and I tell all of my guys at Bromley escorts that my dad of a heart attack. If he had exercised a bit more, he may have been around today. It goes without saying that diet is important as well, and if you want to improve your sex life, you should cut down on both sugar and fat in your diet. I know that it is not easy for many of my guys at Bromley escorts to stay healthy. The truth is that many of them live on their own and they do not have anybody looking after them at all. When you get divorced later on in life, it is kind of hard to start again. I think that is what has happened too many of my guys at Bromley escorts and this is why their health has ended up on the back burner. I love talking about health, and keeping my guys at Bromley escorts fit.…

Brain surgeon charged with child sex abuse gives up license – ABC News

Brain surgeon charged with child sex abuse gives up license
ABC News
FILE – This undated file photo provided by the Watsonville Police Department shows Dr. James Kohut. Authorities said the former brain surgeon charged with raping kids in Northern California sought to impregnate women to have sex with their children.
Santa Cruz Doctor Accused of Child Sex Abuse Wanted to Impregnate Women, Create 'Sexual Families': Court …KTLA

Doctor accused of child sex abuse wanted to impregnate women, create 'sexual families'
Brain surgeon charged with sexually abusing kids wanted to impregnate women to create more victims: prosecutorsNew York Daily News
The Mercury News
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Servicing the New Run Way at London


Of course, a lot of gents are keen to meet up with hot and sexy escorts when they hit London, but at the end of the day, I really don’t know how London escorts from are going to be able to service a third run way at the airport. The problem is that we are already really busy, and recruiting girls for the escort agency has not been easy in the last couple of years. Not only is it very expensive to live in this part of London, but there are many other reasons as well.

At the moment, it is very hard to recruit girls for London escorts. The local girls in the area are not too keen on becoming escorts, and then we have the problem with Brexit as well. Lots of the girls who work in the UK escorts service are from other EU countries and now they are reluctant to come here as they don’t know if they are going to be allowed to stay after the UK has gone through the complete Brexit. It is a bit like being trapped between a rock and a hard place.

Many of the girls who like to become escorts also just stay on for a short period of time. It is easy to assume that escorts are not smart, but that is not true. Many of the girls who work within the escort industry only do so for a short time, and then they move and do something else. It is not only London escorts who are affected by this, but many other escorts services in and around London are affected as well. At the moment, it is unclear what is going to happen to the escort industry.

Another problem with the London area is that it is busy and hard to get around. Most of the gents that we date here at the agency would like to meet us on an outcall basis. That is fine, but it means getting to the location. I am personally always in and out of taxis and trying to find the right location. It can work out very expensive, and a few of the girls here at London escorts find this very stressful as well. That is something that I can relate to entirely, I do get stressed very easily.

I do get a kick out working for London escorts and I have been able to build up a nice dating diary. But keeping up with the level of work that we have the agency has not been easy at all. I am sure that a third run way is a great idea for the nation, but are we going to be able to handle more work at the agency? That is the one thing I am not so sure about, but I would like to think that things are going to be okay. Perhaps we will be able to make some new trade connections overseas and recruit new escorts from them. You never know your luck, and we could really do with some new talent.…

The real reason why sex on a plane could be the best you ever have… from heightened arousal to more intense orgasms – The Sun

The Sun
The real reason why sex on a plane could be the best you ever have… from heightened arousal to more intense orgasms
The Sun
For a start, the risk-factor associated with having sex in such a novel and densely-packed space is likely to heighten the arousal for any sexual thrill-seekers out there. But, surprisingly, the attraction of X-rated mid-flight entertainment doesn't

Addicted to Living In London

I have been living in London for about 8 years and I love it. For the last seven years I have been working for Mile End escorts and it has been a great experience. If you like, you can say that I have kind of become addicted to working and living in London. The buzz of the place is amazing and you are never bored in London. It is just one of those places that you have to experience and enjoy, and I am so glad that I came her.

Like many of the other girls who work for Mile End escorts, I am a foreign girl. When I moved to London, I was not sure that I would get on with the place, but now I feel totally different about it. I feel like a real Londoner and I would hate to move back to Portugal because of Brexit. It could be said that I have become addicted to living in London and I am not sure how I would be able to survive if I moved back to Portugal.

London is great for so many things. Without having worked for Mile End escorts, I don’t think that I would have been able to achieve the thing that I have achieved in London. One of the things that London is really great for its property. I have done so well at the escort agency in Mile End that I have been able to buy myself my own flat in London. There is no way that I would have been able to achieve the same thing if I had stayed in Portugal. I would certainly like to stay in London just to enjoy my flat.

Shopping is great in London as well. I am not a complete shopping addict but I do like to shop. Like all of the other girls at Mile End escorts, I earn more than th average. I don’t spend all of my money every week as I am building what they call a nest egg here in London. You can actually save money when you live in London, and I don’t think that I would have been able to do that in Portugal at all.

Overall, I think that I have done well for myself in London. The gents that I date at Mile End escorts services, are rather nice and they do seem to look after me. Not only do I get paid well, but I get a lot of tips and what I call bonuses. There are a many perks to be had when you work for an escort service in London and I am not ready to give them up yet. My family in Portugal probably wonder where my designer hand bags come from. Well, I have told them that I am doing well in London, but I have not told them about Mile end escort services. A girl has to have some secrets and I am not sure that a good Catholic girl should be escorting.…