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May 2017

Australia Plans To Deny Passports To Child Sex Offenders – NPR

Australia Plans To Deny Passports To Child Sex Offenders
Updated at 1:46 p.m. ET. Registered child sex offenders would lose their Australian passports under a new law aimed at preventing convicted pedophiles from victimizing children overseas. Officials call the proposal a "world first" in the fight against
Australia Plans to Revoke Passports of Child Sex OffendersBreitbart News

Australia to ban convicted pedophiles from traveling abroadCNN
Australia Seeks To Block Pedophiles From Leaving Country For Child SexHuffPost
Quartz –The West Australian –RT –Minister for Foreign Affairs
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Two men in Indonesia endure public flogging for gay sex –
Two men in Indonesia endure public flogging for gay sex
Two men in Indonesia's Aceh province were publicly caned dozens of times on Tuesday for consensual gay sex, a punishment that intensifies an anti-gay backlash in the world's most populous Muslim country and which rights advocates denounced as …
Two men caned 83 times in Indonesia for homosexual sexCNN

Two Men Publicly Caned in Indonesia for Having Gay
Indonesian men caned for gay sex in AcehBBC News
The Sydney Morning Herald –BBC News
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Should you try to keep your marriage together?


My wife and I have not gone through a divorce yet, we have just separated. I am living in our London home, and she has stayed in our place in Hampshire. To be honest, I don’t know what has happened really. One day, my wife came and asked me about a divorce and said that she felt that we did not have anything in common anymore. The kids had moved out, and she wanted to do other things in her life. She even said that she was tired of taking care of me.


It felt really strange and it hurt me a lot. I felt that I wanted some warmth and affection, and ended up spending the evening with a girl from London escorts after having driven up into town. It was a really strange feeling and when I went to bed that evening, I could not sleep. The girl from London escorts had been stunning but I missed something, and I did not know what it was. Not knowing what to do, I phoned my wife the next day.


As soon as the receiver was picked up, I said I love you. But, instead of hearing my wife’s voice, another male voice came back at me. It was really weird and I think that I lost the plot. The voice sounded a lot younger than my own voice and I suspected that my wife had a younger man in her life. When she finally came to the phone, she said it was her friend Greg and I sank down in a chair. My heart was heavy and I called London escorts later that evening.


I was not sure that dating London escorts was the right thing to do at all, but I felt desperately lonely. At least the girls from the agency seemed to have some kind of sympathy for me. I knew that I had not been there as much as I should have been, but my wife wanted the good life. Thinking about it, I gave her everything that I thought that she wanted. It may turn out that I was totally wrong about that, and what she wanted was something that she had never asked for during the time we had been together.


The next weekend, I drove down to Hampshire. I wanted to surprise my wife with a big bunch of flowers and sit down to talk. The girls from London escorts had said that it may not be the best thing to do, but I was determined to make it work. It proved not to be the right thing to do at all. When I arrived a sports car was parked in the drive and I knew that this may belong to Greg. When I rang the doorbell, my wife answered and said that we should speak on neutral territory. It felt like I had become a stranger in my wife’s life overnight, and I really did wonder if I could patch things up.



He dumped me… I am going back to escorting



My boyfriend thought that he was doing me a favour when he got me away from Sandhurst escorts from Now he has dumped me to go and work for some crazy volunteer project in Africa. I am sure that this is just his next “feel good about myself project” and “see who I have saved project”, but I am not standing still. I have decided that I am going back to the escort agency here in Sandhurst.


I am not sure how many girls go back to escorting after having stopped escorting but I am pretty sure there are a lot of girls that do. It can be really hard to find a job after you have worked as an escort. At first I thought it was going to be easy myself. Like I kept telling myself, I am pretty and good with people. It turns out that you need more or less a degree to work in Tesco these days. I don’t have any of that stuff. Besides, you really don’t earn a lot of money in Tesco.


The fact is that I know that I can earn some seriously money working for Sandhurst escorts. Unbeknown to my boyfriend, I have not blown all of the cash that I earned working for Totting escorts the last time. Also, what I did not tell him is that I kept my flat. He did not think that I owned my flat but I did. When I was living with him, I rented it out to a couple of girls from Sandhurst escort services. It may seem wrong but I was not sure that our relationship was going to last. But I am being nice, the girls do not have to move out. I am renting a small one bedroom flat instead.


If you like, I am going to allow the cycle to start all over again. The girls are going to stay in the apartment that I bought when I worked for Sandhurst escorts the last time. The plan is that I am going to save enough money and buy another place. In that case I will not have to worry about money in the future. It means that I will be able to live in one place and let the other one give me an income. I think that is a pretty smart thing to do, and if you like, I will be set up for life. Hopefully rental prices in London will stay high.


My former boyfriend seems to think that I am not very smart but I have got news for him. I am not silly just because I worked for an escort’s agency. Like I keep telling people, you should never underestimate a blonde. Most of the girls that I met when I worked for Sandhurst escorts were pretty savvy and had their own ideas on how to make a living in London. Some of them, or rather most of them, only used Sandhurst escort services as a stop gap. That is very much what I did and exactly what I am planning to do again. Nothing wrong with blue eyes and blonde hair.