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January 2017

Most part of the body can be Sexy according to London escorts

Are there any parts of the body that cannot be sexualized? It may seem like an odd question but it all started with a discussion about shoulders. Are shoulders sexy? I was out to lunch with my London escorts from and we were wearing off the shoulder jumpers which we thought made our shoulders look sexy. Shoulders can look sexy but are all parts of the body sexy? We started to go through the body, and surprisingly discovered that most parts of the body can be made to look sexy apart from our elbows perhaps. One of my London escorts girls said that even toes can be made to look sexy.


Sexy toes are a must for the summer of course and they can easily be made to look sexy with a good pedicure and nice polish, but what about our backs? One of my London escorts girls was wearing a jumper which made a V shape down to the lower part of her back, that looked really sexy to me, and some of the other London escorts agreed with me as well. A nicely toned back can look very sexy indeed and if you are nicely toned, it can indeed look super sexy.


What about our tummies? Of course, our tummies can with a bit of care look sexy as well. Some of my London escorts girls still wear belly button jewelry and that can look very sexy. It is just a glint and a bit of glow but it can indeed look really sexy. It helps having a nicely toned tummy but it doesn’t have to be that way. Just a nice tummy will do. Some of the London escorts were wearing tops which showed off part of their midriffs as well. Showing off a bit of skin can always look sexy, and your tummy is the perfect thing to show off.


Are knees sexy? Yes, of course they are. It is still kind of “in” to wear knee less jeans and a couple of the London escorts said it looks really sexy when a bit of knee shows through. It makes it look like you have longer legs apparently, having short legs I must try it some time. Keeping the skin on your knees nice and soft is essential for a sexy knee said Anna from London escorts services. Apparently she keeps her knees soft by rubbing on plenty of baby lotion. Another top tip from London escorts.


The truth is most parts of the body can be sexualized. Hang a pair of nice earrings in your ears and you end up with sexy ears. A sexy neck is easy to achieve with the right necklace or using the right perfume. Hands are very easy as well. A nice manicure is the key, and you have lots of different nail and hand jewelry you can wear these days as well. There is nothing like a bit of bling to make ourselves look more attractive and at the end of the day beauty is in the eye of the beholder.