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September 2015

Saudi prince arrested in alleged sex assault at LA compound – Fox News

Fox News
Saudi prince arrested in alleged sex assault at LA compound
Fox News
A Saudi prince was arrested Wednesday at a compound near Beverly Hills in connection with an alleged sex crime after a bleeding woman was seen trying to flee the grounds. Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 28, was arrested on suspicion of forced oral copulation …
Saudi prince arrested, faces sex charge in Los AngelesCNN

Saudi prince arrested at LA mansion for alleged sex crimeBBC News
Saudi prince arrested in Benedict Canyon for alleged sex crimeKABC-TV –Daily Mail –Los Angeles Times
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How Porn Is Changing Teens’ Approach To Sex

The public opinion of adult sex has changed dramatically with the advancement of the internet. In the past, people were restricted to learning about sex, with magazines and videos being the most common forms of pornography – and for minors, accessing such content was almost impossible. However, the internet has changed perceptions of sex and internet pornography is now accessible at the click of a button, allowing everyone to broaden their sexual outlook.

Such pornography is especially effective towards younger viewers and those who have limited sexual experiences. Internet porn allows the viewer to engage and trial whatever fantasy they desire, and experiment with different partners and fetishes. These vivid videos help young adults to form opinions and images in their mind about sex, without ever even having to try it. Then, once they do choose to have sex, they have firm ideas and a plan of what they want to get out of it, instead of having to learn with no prior knowledge. This is much of the explanation for why teenagers seem to live far more advanced and wild sex lives than ever before.

Hence, the thought of kinkier sex like group sex begins to appeal more. Those who have watched adult entertainment videos where the actors take part in activities such as threesomes and gangbangs are introduced to more intense forms of pleasures, and types of sex they didn’t previously know existed. Since more extreme sex is so readily available, the concepts have become normalized and part of society.

As society has shifted from social conservatism to more liberal views, the topic of sex has shifted into the mainstream and therefore more widely discussed amongst teens. Since there are fewer taboos now, youngsters do not feel as confined to practicing traditional sex and are prepared to try new things. Many adults who discover porn eventually move onto bolder and more unusual fetishes in an attempt to keep the content fresh and exciting.

In addition, forums and social media have enabled people with similar fetishes to connect with each other. It gives adults the chance to meet with over like-minded individuals and act out their fantasies. Those with insatiable sex appetites can find other keen partners while those with particular fetishes can find others willing to engage in them.

Any adult will naturally develop a desire for sex, however, new technology is serving to speed up that process and show teens all the possibilities with it.

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